Saturday, August 20, 2016

May 2016

We started off May with our sweet baby girl Stella and life did NOT slow down!

In the hospital Stella got to meet Auntie Shannon and Linda, with lots of visits from dad and Wilson.

Poor baby girl wasn't ready to go home I guess, or didn't want to have clothes on.  She looked so tiny in Daddy's arms! I always love seeing Brad hold the tiny little newborns.  We had a nice quick stay at the hospital and a quick check out and I was able to just walk to the car, mostly because it was so dang close since the maternity unit isn't huge. 

Talia got to hold Stella as soon as we got home and was SO excited! Wilson still couldn't get enough of her. 

So we got home on the 3rd, and Brad's dad got into town and took all the little kids to the Aquarium! Stella and I stayed home but Brad took Wilson and had a blast! He loved the penguins and per usual running around.  It was a perfect outing to get him out of the house!

Brad said that Wilson loved watching the penguins and kept wanting to go back to them.

Wilson wanted to give the whale a hug.  He's such a sweet boy and is always willing to give anything or anybody a hug or a kiss!

Stella is such a little lump, she would stat on my shoulder and would slide down into my boobs! haha 
Stella wasn't a big fan of her bath, she was waiting for Grandma B to come and do it right.

On the 5th Brad's Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, and cousins were in town from Washington to drop Emily off at the MTC for her SLC Mission, we couldn't let them miss an opportunity to meet Stella! So we had them over and they got to meet a 4 day old Stella!
Then later that night Dave came over to meet Stella and took Brad out to dinner!

Grandma B got in town the night of the 5th and Grandpa Bob came the night of the 6th!
Mom was a huge help and kept Stella at night when she wouldn't settle in a sleep.

Stella getting her bath from Grandma B, and she clearly enjoyed it better! She also looks so sweet in one of her outfits from Grandma B!

Mom and Dad were in town because Davin was baptized on the 7th, just a week after Stella was born.  That was my first outing out with Stella and she did amazing.  I was so happy we could be there to support Davin and again so many people got to meet our brand new Stella. 

After the first week of Stella being here we finally slowed down on the visitors.  Wilson and daddy spent a lot more time snuggling and adjusting to moms lap not being available. Stella had such cute little outfits I could have posted them all, but that would be a looong post! lol

More hanging out! Wilson loves all things Stella, he thinks all her stuff is his.  We also tried to rest as much as possible and it still wasn't enough.  Baby #2 has been a lot harder since I still have a cute toddler to take care of, and he's not cool with mommy napping randomly.  As soon as we got him down for a nap, we'd eat, and rest!

Poor Wilson would get a little stir crazy, so we would go on small walks.  I bought a wrap to carry Stella in and it was perfect and made it so we didn't have to pull out the stroller!

She's just so dang cute!

Brad had been looking for an internship for the summer and landed as an intern for the Orem Owlz! It's a great opportunity and he's excited to be writing for them!

Wilson loves the Bean Museum and we love it because it's free and a perfect outing! Wilson runs up to every animal and tells us loudly either what it says or just yells some gibberish.  It's pretty adorable!

Hanging out in Wilson's room building super tall towers! Every time Wilson added a block he would say, "Whoooa!! Tall Tower!" 

The realization that I will never be alone again! haha I can't leave Stella alone with Wilson because he's a little to rough and Wilson has to be wherever we are!

Talia had a dance recital!! She's so cute and we can never miss one of these! Wilson was shockingly very good and 3 week old Stella was perfect!

This tiny little dance was adorable and danced beautifully!

Our laps are always full now and you can't have one without the other! 

Brad took some adorable pictures of Stella and I'm so in love! 

She's so tiny!

Wilson seems to just get funnier and more adventurous every day! He's such a firecracker and keeps us on our toes daily!

Right by the house is this big Bounce House place and we had such a blast! Wilson could have stayed longer than the 2 hours mom and dad barely make it too. Ha But he went down every slide and could do a lot of it by himself!

He loves jumping into the foam pit and thinks it's the funniest thing! I love how independent Wilson can be, he's so brave and with a little bit of help will try almost anything.

We're still working on being soft but he loves to give Stella fist bumps (pounds)!
This is actually the first time he help her, he hadn't shown any interest in holding her so we never pressed it.  He decided he was ready and it was such a sweet moment, emphasis on moment!

Our 2 bathing babies!

Apparently mohawks is all this momma knows!!

We went to the park to feed the ducks and play at the park.  While there Brad was holding Stella and someone asked him if he was holding a doll. lol It was pretty funny!

Decided to try out the Provo Park Splash pad and it did not disappoint! Wilson preferred to run around it and get just a little wet but it was perfect!

Found some shade for our little picnic!

One Sunday we took Wilson's picture in front of this brick wall outside our apartment, now every time we walk to the car he stops and waits for us to take his picture.  He won't ever look at us but he waits till the picture is taken then goes to the car.  It cracks Brad and I up! 
May was an exhausting, fun month but was so much fun! We loved seeing a TON of family and making time to go do a few fun things!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Stella's Birth Story

Stella's birth story is far less dramatic than Wilson's and we couldn't have been happier about that!

This was the last bump picture I took, I'm kind of bummed I didn't think tho take one before we left to the hospital like I did with Wilson. But you get the point, I was big! lol 

Stella's story starts Friday April 29th at my last doctors appointment, I was 39 weeks and 1 day.  We were planning on talking about inducing because we had a bunch of family coming into town the next week and thought it would be great if she could arrive before then. 
During the visit my blood pressure was abnormally high so they decided to recheck it three times, it came down a little but not much.  This worried Dr. Young because it points to preeclampsia and he wanted to induce me that night.  I have this weird thing about number and I really wanted Stella to be born on May 1st so I really didn't want to go in that night. Dr. Young said since I didn't have any other signs oh preeclampsia I could come in late April 30th.  I was thrilled!

April 30th comes and we got approved to go in a 7pm.  I didn't want to get there too early incase things went fast and she came before the 1st. Linda came over to spend the night with Wilson and we headed to the hospital.  We picked Timpanogos Regional Hospital because it is 2 minutes away from the apartment and a beautiful facility.  When we got there we pretty much got started, by 8 pm I was hooked to to monitors, IVs and was given the cytotec to get things progressing.
By 10 pm I was having steady contractions and ready for my epidural, unfortunately I had to wait a bit for the anesthesiologist to be available but he showed up by 10:30 pm.  I'm pretty sure getting the epidural is the hardest part of labor, haha, but I wouldn't want to do it with out one.  We got it in place and I moved weird and messed it up, so rather then hope it was still in the right place, we did it all over again... fun. But the second time was able to really feel it going in the right place and we all felt better about it's placement, by this time it was 11:30 pm.  We tried to settle in but my catheter was giving me trouble,  I felt like I had to pee really bad but couldn't.  They redid it one more time and it was still uncomfortable but bearable.  By 1 am my contractions were hurting really bad and were really strong.  The anesthesiologist came in and gave me a big boost of pain meds to help and stayed with me for another 20 mins to make sure I was comfortable and feeling and not feeling in the right places.  Needless to say.. I loved him. I was feeling good and was finally able to relax a little.
Brad got a little sleep here and there, I didn't really get any but was able to watch part of a movie.  I ended up with a fever and was SO hot around 2 am but with some medicine and a cool towel I was feeling better.  At about 2:45 am Stella was really moving down, with every contraction I could tell she was moving down and contractions got more and more intense.  
Dr. Young was on call that night and wasn't sure he could make it to the hospital in time because he was finishing another birth.  By 3:10 am I was hoping with every contraction my water wouldn't break, because I could feel it coming close each time.  Dr. Young showed up at 3:15 am and as he went to check where I was at my water broke and gushed everywhere, it was comical how much fluid there was.  Dr. Young said there was meconium in my fluid so they had a respiratory doctor come for when the baby was born.  After 6-8 pushes and a episiotomy Stella and another huge gush of fluid came out! She was all sorts of tangled in her umbilical cord but luckily it wasn't around her neck.  
Apparently the pediatricians had to resuscitate her and get her breathing, I had no idea until we later, but she recovered well and only had a fever for about an hour because I had had one. 

Stella Quinn Curnow
Born May 1, 2016
3:29 am
8 lb 4 oz 20.5 in

She is so cute and had a bunch of hair just like her brother did and took a third of the time to get here! From the time we got to the hospital to the time she was born was 8 1/2 hours! It completely flew by! What a dream!

I was beyond happy with her birth and my labor experience.  The nurses were amazing and genuinely caring.  I felt so much more in control of my body.  My doctor let me push when I wanted to and when I was ready. Right after she came out we were all happy, smiling, talking, and laughing.  I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience.

We fell in love with her the instant we saw her, Stella is beautiful and the perfect piece to our family!

Brad was so great! He only got to sleep for a little bit (but it took 5 minutes for me to wake him up) and handled it great.  Since this go around I actually could feel my contraction, I really depended on him to get me through them and he didn't disappoint.  He's a great support and the perfect dad for our kids!

I loved the transition from the delivery room to the recovery room. Again my nurse that night was amazing, she made sure I was comfortable and could almost read my mind for my needs.  Brad stayed the rest of the night/morning with me then went home to shower and bring Wilson and Linda to meet Stella!

When 3 became 4!! Wilson really wasn't very interested in her but loved playing in the room! Ha Brad stayed home with Wilson and they came back the next day for another visit!

Shannon came to see me Sunday afternoon and to meet Stella! It was nice to have a quiet visit with just the 2 of us.

Being at the hospital by myself was kind of boring and you can only watch so much tv, but I really did enjoy my time hanging with Stella.  At night she just wanted to eat all the time but would just fall asleep.  I had her go to the nursery Sunday night because I was exhausted.  My nurse called and asked if they could give her a binky and I of course said yes.  My nurse knew I was super tired and kept Stella in the nursery as long as possible to let me sleep. 

I was hoping to go home Monday afternoon but because of the short fever and the potential of an infection from the meconium they wanted her to stay till Tuesday morning.  So when Tuesday morning came we got out of there as soon as we could! It was truly a great experience, I felt so good and recovered great! 
Stella we love you and are so happy and blessed that you are a part of our family. We can't wait to watch your life's journey to see where it takes you.